Veterans Affairs Council (VAC) is an organization which to take care of the veterans who contribute to the Country. In order to provide more working opportunities for veterans, VAC established "Forest of Central Cross-Island Highway and Development Administration" on Oct. 10th, 1959.The main mission includes forest management, wood processing and forest recreation. When time went by, the forestry policy point was changed from development to conservation and recreation, so that we changed the organization name as "Forest Conservation and Management Administration" on Nov. 1st, 2013 to match this purpose.


Our organization (FCEA) has been established more than 55 years. In these years, we followed the forestry policy to manage the forest with cautious and overcame many difficulties to achieve the goal of the administration. Because of many veterans and members' hard working in the past half centuries, we have been the excellent model in forestry management. Thanks VAC, Forestry Bureau and many specialists for providing suggestions and assistance to us. It really makes our business more advanced.


一、Forest-Region Management

(一)、Our management are 87,889.35 hectares ,including cilan mountain and Dachia River forest-region.It cross Ilan, Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Nantou counties,and belong in Ilan, Wulai, Dasi,Ta-Ping mountain and Dachia River working circle,and totally 208 compartments.

(二)、The main project of the Forest-Region Management is including the middle and last treatment for planting area,and forest protecting .The other project have fire line repairing, cooperating with forestry academic and research institutions to survey forest ecosystems and keep soil and forest road, Deji reservoir watershed sixth governance, yamabushitake production,and Taiwan Pleione repopulation.We also plant 26 tree species for instance of Mountain litsea, Taiwan Sasafras,Hydrangea,Odourbark Cinnamomum,Taiwan Incense Cedar,and Formosan michelia in the plant nursery.

二、Forest Recreation

(一)、We plan and build Cilan and Mingchih forest recreation area from 1983 year, to follow government policy of forest management for public welfare. Cilan forest recreation area inaugurate from June,1989. In the Cilan Divine Trees Garden, we gave a name to 51 divine trees with the ancients, and the garden inaugurate from June,1991. Mingchih forest recreation area inaugurate from October 10,1993.We hope those forest recreation areas can promote forest welfare functions, propaganda our management performance, and allow the visitors learning the contribution of the older veterans on forest ecology.

(二)、According to the policy of Executive Yuan that promoting the private participation, Cilan and Mingchih forest recreation area have began outsourcing to Yeze company since April 15,2005,and the contract had expired on 2015.The new management contract with Lealea-mingchih company begin on April 17,2015,and will be expire on 2115. Lealea-mingchih company promise to invest 200 million dollars to renovated the facilities of forest recreation area. The company also promise to get three-star hotel evaluation before the end of the 2017 , and let any of our forest recreation area obtain environmental education facility and field certification before 2018.Through the private company join in management, we hope Cilan ,Mingchih forest recreation area and Cilan Divine Trees Garden will become world-class attractions.

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